I’ve traveled a lot the last week.  I finished up in Atlanta on May 25th, spent the 26th in Nashville, the 27th in different parts of Kentucky, the 28th-31st in Chicago, and I just got to Minneapolis an hour ago.  I had been having car trouble of unknown origin, and was planning on coming back to the Northeast to get it checked by a friend.  Then the battery died, forcing me to find out the problem was exclusively the battery.  With the car clearly working, I made a last minute dash for Chicago, and I’m glad I did.  Chicago’s great, and I want to spend a lot of time there.  So why am I in Minneapolis?

Upon getting to Chicago, I asked for my Instacart account to be switched to there.  It was, but not in time to pick up any shifts until this Sunday.  Therefore I have a week where I can’t work…and I want to utilize it for fun!  That’s how you know I overthink things, “No work…I should use these days for the utilitarian purpose of enjoyment!”  ACME Comedy Club in Minneapolis has an well-recommended Monday open mic I thought would be perfect to check out.  But also I thought, “It would be stupid to do drive a 900 mile round-trip for one open mic.”  But then I noticed Shane Mauss, one of my favorite, not-well-enough known comedians, who I haven’t seen in years, was performing all week, and thought, “It’s a sign!”  And by “sign” I mean “a 900-mile excuse!”  Also, on Wednesday there’s supposedly some great open mic in Milwaukee I will check out on the return trip, and I might go to visit family the day after that.  But then it will be working in Chicago until I feel like leaving, which could be mid-June, or it could be early September (probably mid-June).

“But Tom, how will you couch surf that long in one place?”  I’ll get to that question next post!  Either way, while emotionally it’s been up-and-down, I love living like this!  I love that 5 days ago I was passed out at 5pm in my car in Kentucky because the Bourbon Trail was too generous!  And today I’m in Minnesota!  And Instacart has given me an Executive Membership to Whole Foods, so 25% of my diet is free samples (they have A LOT of free samples)!  So as of right now, I’m very proud of what I’m doing, and enjoy doing it!  I’ll probably bomb at this club and be sullen later!  Yay!!!

(I won’t bomb (knock on wood!).)


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