My initial plan was to help (mostly) pay for my couch surfing tour by driving for Uber, but I’ve found Instacart makes more sense.  With Uber, you have to obtain in-state license, registration, and insurance, which is both costly and time-consuming if you’re changing cities constantly.  Instacart requires nothing to be instate.

So far, it’s been a $10-13 dollar an hour job, which isn’t bad when you don’t live anywhere.  Gas is a bit more of an issue here in Atlanta, because in Boston, I was probably driving 25-30 miles each 8 hour shift I worked for Instacart.  Atlanta’s a more spread out city, so here it’s like 60-80 miles per 8 hours.

Right now, I’m actually on shift, it’s just my iPhone is nearly dead, and the fastest way to charge it at the moment is through my iPhone.  The Instacart App eats power, even though my phone is charging in my car constantly.

I’d have to talk to the Instacart people, but I’m considering seeing if I could get several Instacart cities activated on my phone, and doing comedy in all most of those cities with New York as my hub.  If I could go to other cities for just a week, work for Instacart, and return to NYC.  That would be ideal.  I’ve been planning on staying places for 3 weeks, because I felt like I could get a good lay of the land, but ultimately I’d like to live in NYC and just travel outside of it as much as possible.

Actually, I just realized I could totally work for Uber and Lyft in one city, Instacart in another, Postmates in another, [blank] in another, etc.  Hmm…I may have just had a breakthrough!  And my phone’s finally charged enough!  Back to work!


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