Last night around 8:30pm, I found out the Atlanta abode I was supposed to stay in was no longer available.  I have a blanket and pillow in my car for such emergencies, but after a harrowing hour of texting, another comic offered me his futon.  And even made some great chicken and margaritas for me!  Not a bad deal.

Atlanta’s great so far.  I did a fun set at The Laugh Skull Lounge, which is the most popular club in Atlanta, and then went to this cool open mic with a weird twist:  you spun a wheel (like Wheel Of Fortune) and it chose whether you did a set, or had to sing karaoke.  I was like, “Finally!  Musical improv will carry over to my real world endeavors.”  Lots of funny, nice comics here.  They seem to like to hang out and like each other, are excited to perform, it’s 90 degrees and every dude has a beard.  Comedy!

The drive down here was fun too.  I cheered every time I entered a state I’d never visited before.  I’m one of few people to shout, “Yes!  I’m in West Virginia!”

Still ironing things out with Instacart/making money down here, and its going to be work to find more places to stay, but I’m gonna make time to catch up on some video stuff today.


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