With couch surfing, there’s a weird symbiotic, living-vicariously-through-each-other thing happening between host and guest.  Because so far all my hosts have been like, “I’m jealous of your adventure!”  And I’m like, “I’m jealous of your living somewhere!”  Today, I woke up in an amazing home with a pool, played with my host’s dogs, and then went to Starbuck’s to continue to try to get Instacart Atlanta to return my emails.  Yay!

I did The Comedy Zone “Cinco De Mayo Open Mic” last night, which was wonderful.  100+ people paid $8 each to watch an open mic!  It’s a testament to how great The Comedy Zone is, and how little there is to do otherwise!  Was a very fun show.  It’s interest how scared/wanting of the black audience member’s approval a lot of of the white comics are.  I started that way too.  It’s because you hear how hard black audiences can be, and also ignorance.  Probably mostly ignorance.  But I don’t really care who’s in the audience as much any more.  I’m working on my stuff and getting off stage.  Sometimes it’s great, sometimes its not my crowd.  Just gotta keep getting better.  Oh!  The host liked me and asked for my card too, so we’ll see if anything comes of that.

Those are my ramblings for today.  Tomorrow I head to Atlanta!


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