Last show in Boston!

Tonight I had my last two shows in Boston before starting the long drive towards Atlanta.  Things have definitely gone from fun to real, to quote the literary stylings of MTV.  I spent $50 on an oil change and new engine filter at Meineke, and they tried to get me to do a $200 transmission flush — which people mention as a thing to do on the internet, but my 2005 Toyota Corolla Owner’s Manual never advises it.  Also, they put a sticker for a 3000 mile oil change, and Toyota’s only need 5000 mile oil changes, so I trust no one and will be researching this madly.  I can’t afford to be paying for much more than gas, oil changes, and insurance on this trip.

Also, while Instacart said they’d switch me to Atlanta so I could work there while visiting, they have not done that.  I’m quite stressed out because I need to be making money and I’ve already missed out on a few days shifts because they book a week out.  I’ve been trying to email them but haven’t heard back.

And I feel bad, because a friend invited himself on a long drive from NY to Charlotte, and I said no.  Maybe I’m weird, but I’ve been doing a lot of comedy, and I just want to drive silently through the woods of Virginia by myself.  If you know me, that’s a very Tom Dunlap thing to want, and me wants it.  I’ve never been south of New Jersey on the East Coast.  I’m sure the view is just less-pine-trees, but driving/bus-riding is kinda meditation to me (unless my GPS recalculates me into a toll, then I’m amazed how much swearing I’m capable of!).

That said, New England has been great to me.  I did 19 booked shows in 21 days, plus few open mic here and there.  I’m looking forward to taking a couple days off from my act to go to Six Flags tomorrow (I’m excited and almost 30!), and possibly do a couple mics in NYC.


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