Guess what?  I’ve already made more comedy money in three weeks on the road, than in three years in New York:  $35 bucks!  At this rate, instead of working 25 hours a week, I’ll only have to work 24.5 from now on!

Seriously though, things have been great.  I’m doing much better in these road rooms I used to hate doing.  I don’t know what’s changed, but drunk frat bros are suddenly enjoying my neuroscience material (hopefully what’s changed is I’m better).
Also, couch surfing is costing me almost negative dollars, because my hosts always ask, “Do you need food or anything?”  And I say, “Nah, I’ve got peanut butter and green beans in my trunk.” Let me tell you, that sentence sends people into a panic of providing me food.  People are worried for me!  Yay!
Finally, Instacart is less money and more work than I anticipated (aren’t all jobs), but it should still fit my plans.  But it will slow down my video production a bit.  I’ll churn out some more stuff by Friday, hopefully before.

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