This will be short because I’m exhausted and need to sleep, but…the more I put this project out there, the more people are helping me, and its amazing.  I’ve been putting off compiling a “Special Thanks” list, because its gonna be huge.  Again, maybe I was unlucky, but after all the no’s in New York, all these yeses mean a lot to me.  Look, I’m being sappy and sentimental, and I’m not even drunk. I’m so tired I forgot why I’m writing this…oh yeah!  If you have a thing you really want to make happen, start telling other people.  That’s how whatever I’m doing now started.  I told a few people I was considering this idea, and a few said, “Wow. That’s cool.”  And by “a few” I mean probably like 30.  Over a couple weeks.  And the idea evolved as I talked it out with people.  And I’d been thinking about the basic idea since 2011.  You get the idea.  But seriously, your ideas will never be more than ideas if you don’t at least run them by other humans, and I still can’t believe how much help I’ve gotten.  Alright, gotta sleep.  Goodnight!


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