My complicated plan is slowly coming together.  The car is taken care of, I’ve booked quite a few shows in New England, and I got a job at Instacart to supplement my comedy income (“comedy income” most likely meaning “payment in beers”).  The one little snag I’ve hit: its taking a long to load Youtube videos.  I’ve got two more I’d like to put up, but currently I’m writing from the parking lot of a McDonald’s (I’m waiting to see if I get any Instacart orders) and Youtube says I have 1641 minutes until my 2 minute clip loads.
Last night’s show was fun, and I did two shows in Portland, Maine on Wednesday.  While its great to have all these real audiences, it is a bit of a bummer to have a hard time getting onstage more than once in a night.  I may include an extended stay in NYC when I’m in the area during the summer, especially if I can figure out the couch surfing aspects of this tour.
Excited for The Comedy Studio tonight!  More videos soon (hopefully)!

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