“Hey, I guess NY was helpful!” is a kind of gross title, but I’ve been wondering if I made a mistake with my choices in New York for the past month.  I got heavily involved in improv, because I loved it and viewed improv as accruing performance hours onstage more quickly than doing just stand up.  And it forced me to be okay with things not going my way — which in improv, is constant.

After the first show of my tour on Saturday, it felt like I had gotten worse since I moved from Boston.  But I’m quickly appreciating how hard NY was.  Each show I’m doing better, and more importantly, I finally feel like myself onstage, rather than some character of myself trying to impress people.  I’m having so much fun performing at places I previously would have had a lot of anxiety about.  I booked three more shows tonight, plus I gave away my first business card ever!

As far as show business is concerned, I’ve always only focused on the show, assuming my eventual greatness (bleh) would take care of the business side.  Sadly, I have yet to become so funny, people will take care of all my mundane tasks for me.  So time to adult-up and do them.

Still working on uploading videos to Youtube.  80 min left on the one!   Tomorrow I go to Maine for two shows, and Thursday I meet with the Instacart people to hopefully have a job.  Couchsurfing-wise, I’m staying at friends places, but I’m trying to use Couchsurfing.com if anyone has any suggestions on how to get people to let you stay at their place?  I’ll need to know how to traverse that site when I traverse to places I don’t know anyone.  Other than that, things are great so far!


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