The tour has officially begun!  I finally finished purchasing my 2005 Corolla last night in NYC.  Today, I drove it to my show in Boston, and then to my Mom’s place in NH: 350 miles, or 9 “Style”‘s by Taylor Swift even though you keep changing the radio station.  A long enough drive where I liked “Style” but hated the chorus at first, but by now I’ve been Stockholm Syndromed into loving it!

The show went fine.  It’s tough seeing the Boston guys who I “left behind” but are doing shows all the time and are so much better now.  However, it does give me confidence that I’m making the right choice with this rip.  I’m happy for what I’ve learned in NY, but I’m not developing the act I would like to, and I do think the type of audiences you’re in front of tends to determine your act (you keep what gets laughs).  More details soon, it’s just 2:30am, and I’m exhausted.

Also, if anyone has a part-time job in Boston I could do for the month, please let me know.  That and the couchsurching are my next steps.


4 thoughts on “Day 1.

    1. Hey Ben! Sadly, the Hojo’s no longer has comedy and is now The Verb hotel: a Boston music history themed establishment.

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