Everything’s Better (For) Now!

Hey super fans…I had a great show!  IN New York!  Applause breaks!  Exclamations!  People said I was funny.  Several people even told me I was their favorite other than that friend they had on the show (so really I was their favorite).  I have had better sets, but not in this city.

Now that strangers have said I’m their second choice, New York has hooked me.  Sorry San Francisco, but I’m skipping you (for now).  I may go to DC for January, then come back to NY before going to Chicago in the summer.  I’d like my home to be in New York, but I need to collect road sets somehow.  As my fervent readers have probably realized, my plans for the future change every 36 hours.  I’m sure I’ll be crying into this blog again before the week’s out, but until then, suck it my-self-doubt!


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