Voices of Somethings

I’m at a stranger’s apartment in New York, typing over a sleeping girl I used to have a crush on, after telling Marc Maron I liked his podcast and watching him and Hannibal Burress for free, and talking to Gulman and Myq Kaplan.  Comedy is good. 

I’m crashing on the couch of a friend from high school’s sister.  We’d never met before I showed up at her apartment.  Some people are just great human beings, and this girl is very open and kind, and will most likely do well in life based on those two traits alone.  Another sister of a girl I went to high school with is randomly staying at the same apartment, and I walked in last night, to find her sleeping next to the couch I’m crashing on.  Crush is probably a little strong, but I always thought she was cute, and now there’s a weird little Gilford High reunion going on, of people who never really had the initial “union.”  And I feel like I’m being a moron around them because, at 26 (in 4 days), I still have panic attacks around anything associated with my high school.  From a person with a neuroscience degree, I think high school gave me slight PTSD, which is just dumb stupid.  There are soldiers that return from war without PTSD, and I can’t get over this crap!?  Boo me.

I actually shook Marc Maron’s hand last night, and another comic named Jenny Zigrino stole my goddamn Facebook thunder!  That piece of friend of mine!!!  Because she also shook Maron’s hand, and posted it to Facebook before I could, and now my post-post just makes me look like a dick.  And she got 27 likes for it!  27!  Do you know how happy I would have been for a few minutes!?!  Somewhat. 

Marc Maron seems to be bringing his points back to himself more.  I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but his point of view over his career has seemed to progress from “This is where society’s wrong,” to “this is where we’re wrong,” to “this is where I’m wrong, but here are the implications of that (which CK does brilliantly).”  Also, I got to see Maron perform at UCB (for free!) and see his short documentary, Voice of Something, following him around for a day about w week after 9/11 (the important one).  It’s worth seeing if you get the chance.  There’s a link to the trailer here.

Hannibal Burress was on the same UCB show.  He crushed with a bunch of jokes about writing for Saturday Night Live, and getting sketches rejected from it.  For instance, Lorn Michaels gives notes when they dress rehearse all the sketches, and apparently, one of Hannibal’s bombed so badly, Lorn’s only words were, “Well, that was conceptually adventurous.”  He had another great joke about a sketch where Megan Fox would kill people with jazz-scatting.  That sketch was also cut.

On top of all that, I got to hang out with Gary again at The Cellar, and talk to Kaplan briefly.  Gulman continues to enjoy New York, and Myq seems like he’s doing very well, and he even moves around a little more on stage now than I’m used to seeing.  Also, he’d just taped his Ferguson spot, and I guess it’s the best he’s ever felt, so look forward to that!

I love hanging out in New York.  I learn so much, but God it’s an effort to get stage time around here.  I’m gonna continue to work Boston and New York, but with an eye on getting to a point where I can move here.



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