Early Mitch Hedberg!

Jimi Hendrix is on Veveo selling Pepsi Max.  He didn’t have much say in it.  His record label did.  Love or Confusion?  There’s nothing confusing about the love of Pepsi Max!   Fuck you.  If I know anything about Hendrix, it’s that Bill Hicks would be pissed.

 I found this awesome clip of Mitch Hedberg when he was younger (27).  It’s fun to see someone that great before his persona really kicked in.  And to see how nervous he is at the beginning.

It seems like comics have this idea of, “Once I make it to TV, everything will be fine.”  That hasn’t been true for at least three decades, or possibly ever depending on how you define “fine.”  There’s your first TV spot, then your second, then however many it takes to get the half-hour, then however long it takes to get the hour, and then hopefully that’s good enough to merit another hour.  Or you get your own thing and become so big that you can’t do your act because the fans yell out your catch phrases.

 So I’m on Twitter now!  Hooray!  I’m on a thing that most of the greats never did!  At least not until after they were great.  There’s a lot of temptation to market yourself and whatnot.  Look at me.  I have a poorly designed website, a poorly designed twitter account, rarely updated Facebook fanpage, rarely updated Facebook account.  The only things I ever really update frequently are jokes and Facebook statuses.  I have notebooks of one and walls of the other.  Most of both aren’t worth hearing (although there’s a few gems).  Comedy’s weird.  I can feel myself getting funnier as a person.  Offstage.  I’m more confident onstage, but what I want hasn’t translated onstage yet.  

I have a million plans.  A plan to stay in Boston because a lot of shows are opening up to me.  A plan to move to New York and try become a TV writer, whiling learning from the greats.  A plan to move to San Francisco and spend years ironing out the absurdist humor I love.  And really, certain jokes of mine are only absurdist in that my writing or performing isn’t clear enough as to convey the humor I feel.  And people don’t understand it because I’m trying to do things my mind is more capable of than my body at this point.  I can do jokes.  I’m not a huge fan of them.  Easy jokes, anyway. Even someone like Hedberg, who has some of my favorite quotables, has a lot of these “here’s a slight and obvious misinterpretation of a word with multiple meanings!”  Stuff I would never write because I don’t find it funny, and yet I’m watching it get an applause break.  Then I spend time whining into my blog like a productive person.  That said, I will laugh hysterically if this blog ends up being my “big break.”  If I’ve learned anything from comedy, it’s that the jokes are all around me.  I just gotta get out of my head long enough to see them.


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