The New Plan

I’m gradually losing my sanity here in Boston.  Boston isn’t doing it to me, I just don’t have any real problems, so my brain makes them up to give me something to do.  The current adversity I’m imagining is that there aren’t enough shows for me to do here. There’s virtually nothing Mondays and Tuesdays.  I’m trying to shoot for 15-20 show-ish things (performances in front of non-comics who are actually there to see comedy) a month.  That’s only possible for the top 1% of comics here in Boston, and I’m only in the top 5%, according to statistics I made up for promotional purposes.

Here’s the big (probably unnecessary) plan: travel.  My initial idea was returning to New York twice a month during the days Boston has few shows (Sun through Wed), and doing shows in both scenes.  Now, I’m going to include Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the rest of New England in those plans.  I will travel during the week and do my bartending/comedy club running gig in Boston on the weekends.  I want to be performing in front of different audiences constantly.  What I think an acceptable joke is has been raised by being in New York.  And I need more shows where I can develop jokes.  We’ll see what happens.


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