Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Yesterday I went back to Boston to lose a decisive comedy softball game before returning to New York the next morning (2pm is morning in comedy speak, right?).  I actually had my most prolific writing session to date on the second 5 hour bus trip.  I work better when my choices are write, pee, or sit quietly.  When I’m in Boston, I’ll get frustrated by a slight writer’s block, and go, “I know, I’ll try to book shows!” or “I’ll get something to eat!” or “I’m gonna take care of something in my life other than comedy, but right before I do, spend three hours contemplating the perfect facebook post!”  I gotta figure out a way to harness whatever muse came to me. 

From being here for a month, I’ve concluded New York is where I want to be.  However, I’m not in a place to take advantage of it yet, and am better off in Boston for now.  If I moved, I’d have to work at a real job for more hours, and it would cut into the time I can devote towards comedy.  I haven’t written as much most of the time I’ve been in NY, because I’ve been busy booking, learning the subways, trying to get on as many mics and see as many shows as possible, ect.  Plus there’s still a lot of venues left for me to explore in Boston.  I’m so thankful for the experience, because it’s brought me peace with staying where I am a while longer.  Boston is a fantastic development community, and I’m excited to bring what I’ve learned back.


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