The Comedy Cellar

If you perform in Boston, then you know Gary Gulman.  Because when he’s in Boston, Gary gets on everything because he’s Gary Gulman.  He was kind enough to hang out with me Saturday night, in between his shows at the Comedy Cellar.  And it was incredible.  I was like a kid in a room filled with awesome comics.  I got to touch Dave Attell’s hand!  I mean, Gary introduced me and we shook hands.  I didn’t sneak up and touch it, and then run away screaming, “I’ve got Dave Attell’s dead skin cells!!!” like I wanted to.  Thank God I didn’t bring a camera.  Otherwise I would have been so annoying.  “Hey Dave…can I get a quick photo with you?  You don’t have to, it’s just…a lot of people would like it on facebook.”

I saw John Mulaney shake hands with the Cellar staff after his set, and walk out into a Saturday night with no shows left to do as awkwardly as I would.  It’s exciting whenever I see aspects of myself in other successful comedians.  I worry that I’m not confident enough to be a comic, unless I’m feeling great, then I worry that I’m too confident.

Gary introduced me to Ryan Hamilton and, trying to impress him, I was like, “I know who you are!” and started making shoveling motions with my arms, mimicking one of his jokes.  “A lot of comics do that [motion],” replies Ryan.  “I’m not sure why that’s the joke that everyone remembers.”  That’s me!  As unoriginal as anyone else you’ve ever met.  Hooray!  I didn’t say that obviously, and Ryan was super nice.  The other great thing, was that up until this point, every comic I’d heard at an open mic or free show would talk about how much they hated the road, and that they were lonely and life sucked.  The headliners I got to talk to at the Cellar all seemed to enjoy it, and not want to do anything else, which was a relief.

Also, I don’t want to name names in the public forum that is my blog, but there are surprisingly prominent names in comedy who are having a difficult time obtaining spots at the Cellar.  Inspirational names.  None of the people I’ve mentioned, but it’s crazy competitive, and apparently unless you’re Attell or Louis CK, comics are not working out material.  They’re doing A stuff to stay on the roster.  And they’re all national headliners.  I got to see CK, Gary, and a few other great comics do sets!  In fact, one time when I went to the bathroom, I’ll never forget what the host said to me, “At least my shirt isn’t as bad as his!”  He may have said it from the stage.  Overall though, I have to thank Gary for what will probably be the most memorable night of my trip.


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