Making Moves

I’m in a great mood.  I feel really creative, like I’m developing jokes, making strides.  It’s fun out here.  Overwhelming, but fun.  And all the women are hot.  It’s insane, they’re all hot brunettes with smallish boobs, which is my type.  I like my women like girls like their men: tall, dark, and preferably with a stable career I can leech off of.

My delivery is improving with all the shows I’ve been able to get.  Six actual shows in a nine day span is best I’ve done to date.  It’s becoming so clear how important performing and developing the same jokes in front of different audiences is.  I think that’s one of the reasons Boston is such a great development scene.  There’s so many different types of audiences in a small area.  From the Ivy Towers of Harvard, to the depths of Worcester (elitism, ho!), there’s an incredible array of backgrounds and perspectives in New England.

I’m trying to get up over 20 times this week.  After four days, I’m at 11.  I’ve seen a ton of great stand up too.  And there’s a few mics here and there, where almost everyone does well, in front of a room of just comics.  There’s even more where everyone is insane.  Those are mostly the mics you pay for.  The last pay-for-stage-time mic I did, a trannie and a racist fat man yelled at each other for the obese dude’s entire set.  The point is, Bigeot McGee got his money’s worth (Bigeot McGee wasn’t his stage name, but it should have been). 

New York is a great place to do comedy, but a hard place to do comedy and survive financially.  There’s a lot of debate amongst comedians about when the “right” time to move to NY or LA is.  It seems most of New York’s comics here are trying to develop to go to LA.  My opinion is that moving to NY or LA has little to do with how good your act is, or how much “time” you have.  Because however much time you think you have, it will evaporate the minute you get here and see a dozen people like you doing similar jokes.  The time to move is when you’re emotionally ready to live in a dank basement closet, without a bed.  When you’re willing to write everyday and get up multiple times a night — and no matter how unreachably better everyone is than you, you’ll keep going.  When you’re ready to not talk shit about other comedians, and ready to play the game to get as much stage time as possible, and not blow your brains out when horrible shitheads are thrown onstage in front of you, because they’re playing the game better.  That’s when I think you should move to NY.  When you’re ready to say, “I want to be a comedian.  Not much more, and nothing less.”


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