New York: Day 1

Day one was embarrassing.  Not comedically, but on a personal level.  You’d think I could figure out how the subway works.   While trying to get to one open mic, I got on the wrong train going in the wrong direction for several stops, before realizing I wasn’t supposed to be headed towards Queens.  I got off, crossed the street, and entered the gate to what was somehow another train in the wrong direction.  Next, while attempting to enter the correct train gate, I find that my card has to wait a certain amount of time to work again.  Luckily, someone tells me I have find the MTA attendant to reactivate the card.  So after searching four areas with no attendant, I find one, and get the card reactivated.  Then the MTA worker asks, “You’re sure this is the train you want?”  I tell her, “Yeah, I’ve gotten it wrong enough times where I’m sure now.”  Then I proceed to get on the right train heading in the wrong direction, after which I then spent the remainder of my night imagining punching myself in the head.

Sadly, I only made it to one open mic yesterday.  A lovely mic of all comics that were that reminded me of some combination of Sally O’Briens and Roggie’s in Boston.  I broke out the hits, attempting to impress them with my pretty pretty jokes.  Reeking of wanting their approval (which is not a strong state of mind for anything in life), I did less than great.  They were quite impressed with my ad-libbing about an arcade game that’s always been in that room, “Wheel of Boxing?  I bet people make a lot of funny observations about that…” Probably my biggest laugh of the night.

We’ll see if I can improve upon that tonight!


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