New York Game Plan

Here’s the intinerary I proposed to myself for the next week.  If I can actually get on stage this many times, I’ll be quite excited.

July 7

6:15 pm Your Parents Basement  (confirmed)
8:45 pm Sweet Awesomesauce  (confirmed)

July 8

515 Happy Hour open mic ($3 + drink) (confirmed)
730 Creek and the Cave (First come first serve)
1030 Richard Semper theatre?$5

July 9th

4:15pm Royal Oak   (first come first serve)
8pm If You Build It  Kara Klenk (confirmed)
1045pm Bar 82 $5 (emailed)

July 10th

4pm Faceplant (confirmed)
6pm Mie-me v Lee Lee  (confirmed)
Hannibal’s Knitting Factory (watch)
10 pm Vicious Cycle (first come first serve)

July 11th

4pm Bar 82 $5
6pm The Creek and the Cave  (just show up)
8:30pm Freddy’s Brooklyn  (confirmed)
11pm Whiplash (watch)

July 12th

4pm Bar 82 $5
6pm Dean’s list (creek and cave)
7pm Punchline Drunk  (drink show and go)
10pm Tuesday show at Charlie O’s  (need to confirm)

July 13th

5:15 Laughingstock mic
8pm Bedlam (confirmed)
11pm Buckets O’Buckets


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