New Bio and New Commitment!

Hey readers and/or internet abyss!  Sadly, I’ve just broken up with my girlfriend, so I’m gonna try to spend more time with you before NY!  I’ll be fine, but it never ceases to amaze me how sad I get, even if I break it off.  I finally understand the meaning behind Neil Sedaka’s allegorical folk ballad, “Breaking up is hard to do.” 

Comedy-wise, I haven’t been on stage for 3 days in a row!  Which is the biggest break I’ve taken in a year, so today is the day I’ve regrouped and am going forward with my goals and changing American culture for the better with high-brow metaphors about my taint. 

More seriously though, I’ve made a breakthrough with my writing, and my new laptop has helped immensely.  I’ve filled at least twelve 100 page notebooks in less than 3 years, which is good for a relative beginner.  I used to spend about 2 hours each day vomiting words onto a page and seeing what happened, which I got a lot of ideas from.  But I’d also get frustrated because some days I’d come up with something inspired, but most days it was just the worst, “Why am I writing this crap?”  And then I’d try in on stage, knowing it’s not funny–but maybe I’m wrong!?  99% of the time–not wrong.  And now I have close to 3000 pages (I go double-sided on my notebook pages) of word-birth that’s overwhelmingly unfinished.

My new process is that I spend 3-4 hours on one or two premises.  Which, only a year ago, would have caused my brain to shoot out the back of my skull, to hide and live in America’s degrading sewer system until realizing it couldn’t function without my heart and other organs.  Each new word file I create is the home of ONE premise, and I expand and expand and expand until I’m tired, reorganize the funny parts to the top of the page, and repeat until I have to move on. 

My goal is to get either on TV or a TV job related to writing by September 20th, 2012.  This is probably an unachievable aspiration, but I’ve been fortunate enough to always come close to achieving my ridiculous goals.  I wanted to go to Harvard, and went to Pomona.  I wanted to be Greg Maddux, and pitched professionally in Sweden.  So probably, on the 20th of September, year 2012 of our Lord, I’ll be on a very prominent community access channel.  See you soon!


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