Going to NYC!

Don’t get too excited.  I’m not moving to New York, but I will be there from July 7th to the 29th.  From my sublet in Brooklyn, I will ride out into the night, blazing comedy glory in every saloon, hostel, and dive bar I can get my western metaphor hands on.  I’ve already accrued FOUR whole shows, which are on my updated schedule , and I’m waiting to hear from several others.  Whatever happens, I’m somewhat giddy to find out how much harder I need to work to get to the level of some of these “up-and-coming” comics who work for SNL, and have only done a handful of TV spots. 

Could this be Tom Dunlap’s big break!?  No.  Is there even a one in a million chance!?  Doubtful.  But!  Will there be can’t miss blogging as Tom comingles with New York’s best and brightest comedians!?  Eh…probably only if you enjoy words like “comingle.”  Big City comedy blogging coming soon!!!


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