Osama’s Dead! Thank God for us!

Does anyone else feel left out of the “celebration is not the right word” festivities following Bin Ladin’s death?  If President Obama announced he had reached a truce with Al Qaeda, the outcome we ultimately want, would people still be celebrating in the streets?  These are questions I’m not skilled enough to turn into jokes, but I’m sure I will by the time we have a new enemy and my ideas are no longer relevent. 

Bin Ladin’s demise was not without consequence.  The real victims, Prince William and his bride “common” Kate, have lost countless days of media coverage they and the people who sell shitty china with their images on it will never get back.  Even in death, Bin Ladin’s a dick that hurts capitalism.

Speaking of which, commemorate the death of this notorious terrorist with the Osama Bin Shot-to-death Shot Glass!  Drink to Osama’s not-health, and don’t pour any out for no one’s homie!  Available for three easy payments of $9.95!


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