Back From Hibernation!

Enough of you have been kind enough to point out my lack of posting to get my juices going for it again.  As an update, I’ve performed close to 60 times since January 3rd, and continue to improve as you’ll notice in the video below.  I’m also no longer going to Belgium, sadly, as my shoulder has ceased to exist.  My retirement press conference will be tomorrow morning as I shed  a single tear into a bowl of honey nut cherrios.   Don’t feel sorry for me though, because I have lots of things to look forward to here in the good ol’ US of A:  taxes, a foot of snow, and my new job at Bertucci’s!  

On the non-sarcastic bright side, I recently was involved with a Comedy Roast of people I vaguely know, and the host gave me this stunning review, “Of all the comics that have done stand up for less than a year, I thought yours was the funniest.”  Which is the best way to say, “Of all the comics that aren’t funny, you sucked the least.”  I’ll take what I can get.  This video is not from that night, but enjoy it anyway:


One thought on “Back From Hibernation!

  1. Oh TOM! You are getting better! There is a marked improvement. I am impressed; you just need to get your delivery down a bit more for the Jesus Reference joke. Other than that I was having a very good time listening to you. Totally fawning over you like Bambi before his mother died. Yeah, awesome!

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