Two Jobs

So I’ve been hired twice in the last week, which is simultaneously a cause for celebration, and a cause for me to die a little inside .   I was hoping to survive strictly on acting, comedy, and Harvard Business School studies.  I’ve been able to pay for everything except rent so far, which is pretty good for a guy with no acting experience or job when he moved here. 

The first job I’ve been offered is to work for Boston Sports Clubs as an apprentice trainer, which I’d probably take if I weren’t (most likely) leaving for Belgium in March.  I’d basically be working for minimum wage for no reason, since in their program the first few months are used to build a client base.  So I’ve accepted a job at Greenpeace. 

I’m interested to see how long I last there.  When I walked in to the “office,” I thought I had entered a worm hole to my kindergarten baby sitter’s house.  God awful acryllic murals decorated the walls, with images such as a polar bear exclaiming in a thought bubble, “Be like me, don’t buy Exxon-Mobile!”  Yeah, even actor/comedians make more money than polar bears, so don’t give me financial advice, ok?  Then there’s a whale, a picture of the earth, and an ominous skeleton with blood oozing from its mouth, pouring toxic waste towards the whale!  I was in a group interview and even cracked a joke, “I just realized the skeleton over there, the one with the dollar sign on its skull pouring  toxic sludge on the whale, is VOMITING BLOOD!”  No one even reacted!  It was like that was a perfectly acceptable representation of what greenpeace was fighting!  Bullshit!  I don’t care how terrible people are, they’re still people, and you make more headway when you treat them as such. 

I don’t know if I can exist in an office with people lacking awareness or irony about their jobs.  I mean, our job is to ask people to donate money towards fighting for the environment while standing directly next to the homeless.  It’s ironic, and I think greenpeace does good work, but I’m not going to last long if they can’t appreciate irony.  Anyway, this has been my hopeful message of the day, and I hope my optimism reaches out and touches you in all the right places.  All of them.


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