Technical Difficulties and Being A Community Television Superstar

My computer got owned two weeks ago.  I kept hoping that if I turned it off long enough, the anti-virus pixies would enter my window in the night and do a system restore.  Sadly, this never happened, no matter how hard I clapped my hands.  $200 dollars later, I am finally reconnected to the glorious series of tubes, and I only have to run Spy Bot twice a day.  But aside from these CPU complications, the last two weeks have been superior.

I did my first performance on BNN!  The piece was co-written by myself and a female castmate, and let me tell ya, I read that teleprompter with all the grace and cunning of a sixth grader with an aide.  I was so nervous, I’m fairly positive I tapped my entire right leg for the length of the piece.  But I finally loosened up after carefully navigativing a risky joke, and it was a blast.  What started shakily ended with some solid laughs.  You can see the podcast on BNN website, where you can either watch the whole episode, or skip the first third to get to me!  As soon as my segment’s on youtube, I’ll put that link up. 

I also had my first show at the Mystery Cafe on November 1st, where I played the lead role in Major League Murder.  I’ll write about that next.


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