Back in Action

So my computer’s a little under the weather right now.  It has randomly restarted 3 times, and I can’t use search engines anymore.  Other than that it’s fine.  It’s just as well, since I’ve been devoting the past two weeks to memorizing scripts.  The first was my lovely Salem script, which I ingrained into my psyche while the animatronics weren’t working.  Then they made the realization that people don’t go to haunted hauses to hear stories, so the script was thrown out.  People go there in passive-agressive attempts at vengence against their love ones.  It’s amazing how many parents, and especially boyfriends, will allow me to follow behind their cherished ones until I scare the shit out of them.  In law, that’s called being an accompliss. 

The second script I’m especially excited about.  In 10 days, I’ll be playing the lead role in a dinner theatre production called, Major League Murder.   I play both Roger Lemons, the best pitcher in baseball celebrating his clearance from steroid allegations, and his twin brother Jack.  If you want to know any more, you’ll have to come to the show. 

I did my fifth stand up performance last night.  I did all new material, partially based off the Salem piece I did for BNN.  It wasn’t fantastic.  I’ve been busy, so I didn’t do a very good job memorizing what I wanted to say.  There was one guy named PJ, who laughed at everything though–loudly and creepily–and everyone else in the audience was a comic, pouring over their own routines.  Nobody was getting laughs.  Except from PJ.  Here’s my set:

Definately still have a long way to go, but I feel better on stage each time.


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