It’s All About the Lincoln’s Baby

It’s taken me longer to memorize my stand up act than I thought, but I’ll be tearing up Boston’s open mic scene by the weekend.  I’m confident in my material, but not yet in my delivery, so I probably won’t be posting where the venues are until I get a couple shows under my belt.  Also, I got a callback for the puppeteering show, and went down in flames.  I knew it was mostly going to be improv, so I tried to prepare some lines for my character, Donkey Dan.  Unfortunately, the puppet I ended up auditioning with was female, making it hard to use the large genitalia references I had so thoughtfully prepared. 

As for what I have accomplished, we had the first episode of Boston News Net last Saturday, and it went really well.  I’m such an integral member of the team right now, they made me pay to watch the show.  But a couple of my jokes were used in the sports beat, “Sportacus,” and I have a segment to present to the group today.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed to be in the credits.  The sketch comedy group isn’t going to work out, unfortunately, but I’ll be taking sketch comedy classes instead.  Between BNN, stand up, improv classes, sketch classes, and doing something that allows me to pay my bills, I should be busy.

Speaking of bill paying, I’m going to make $165 this week in 11 hours without technically being employed.  Yesterday, I made 45 bucks in a psychology interview, where I learned that I suck at identifying small differences in line length.  There go all my career options in minuscule measurement.  I’m going to a Harvard Business School one hour study for $20 today, and then I’m really excited about Saturday.  I’ll be working at the Phantom Gourmet Food Fest for 6 hours and 100 smackers.  What will I be doing?  I am going to be a Phantom Gourmet Phantom.  Yes, I get to wear a purple shirt, white gloves, a cape, and most importantly, a mask.  I’m supposed to be mysterious and Phantom-like, which apparently involves taking pictures with all the civilians and avoiding belligerent 13 year-olds.  I’ll report more on my Phantastic job (oh yes I did!) later.


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