Salem, Community Television, and Donkey Dan

I’ve been a busy boy.  Three days after getting here, I found a job in Salem.  As a tour guide.  Of a haunted house.  Needless to say, I’m fairly ecstatic.  It’s only 10 bucks an hour so I’ll have to get another job, but I’d dress up and scare people for free!  Despite how creepy that sounds in retrospect, I’m excited to be a paid actor.

I’ve also been busy with ImprovBoston, a group with all sorts of comedic enterprises.  Wednesday evening I auditioned for the part of Donkey Dan, a puppeteering role in a reality show satire called “Felt Up” (Get it!  Puppets are made of felt!!!).  I’m awaiting their response.  Last night, I went to a meeting for Boston News Net, a community television version of the Daily Show.  They’re going into their second season and there’s a good chance I could get some air time.  I already helped one guy with his segment, giving him a joke that he described as “not bad.”

This weekend I meet with my new sketch comedy group, and continue to waste my neuroscience degree as I search for employment.  And, my first stand up opportunity should be next week.  Stay tuned.


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