Room, Sweet Room

I lay on the floor as I type this.  Or is it lie?  I don’t know.  Either way, I am physically typing this from the relatively clean hardwood floor of my new Somerville room.  No closet, no desk for my computer (yet), but it’s a space built for a king, if that king were four inches tall and ruled one of those small, poor, former soviet nations.  Even so, I can afford it, and it’s mine, so I’m quite proud. 

The move was spectacular.  My parents and I took both cars, and the trip was filled with special family moments.  For instance, asking my mother if she’d mind riding with her husband.  She gazed at the ground for a moment despondently, then looked over her right shoulder and sighed, “Alight, I’ll take one for the gipper…”  While filling up at the local gas station ($3.49 per gallon baby!  NH cheap!), my father was “enjoying” the Patriots game on the radio in his usual style, which prompted a random woman nearby to ask my mother, “He’s not yelling at you, is he?”  We took a lunch break at Panera in Concord, NH, and my father overheard some local teens talking about the Patriots.  They were arguing the virtues of Tom Brady.  One girl proclaimed, “I hate Tom Brady.  The only good thing he’s ever done on his own is date that hot model!”  My father gracefully interjected , “That’s the only thing I don’t like about Tom Brady.  Because they had a baby out of wedlock.”  The girl was speechless, and I was cracking up.  But my parents were extremely helpful with the moving in process, so I can’t hastle them too much. 

I’ll be interviewing at BostonImprov for a job soon, and also meeting with a sketch comedy group as well.  I still have to set up my room, get a job, get some gigs, and lots of other things too, and I look forward to posting more in the future.


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