Sweet Jesus, Tom is blogging again.

Yes friends, I’m back on the web.  My last blog involved my adventures (and misadventures) playing baseball in Sweden, but now I have a new quest: comedy.  That’s right, Tom aspires to write, act, and generally be funny.  My journey technically began after graduating in May, but unfortunately, someone forgot to put a stand up comedy venue between the buffalo and sheep farms of Gilford, New Hampshire, so after about a month, I decided to move to Boston.   By the end of June, I had applied to multiple consulting firms and looked forward to realizing my dream.  By the end of July, I realized I should have studied more.  After pondering the real value of a $200,000 dollar liberal arts degree, I decided to move to Boston by September 1st, and figure things out from there.  

Tom Stands Up will report the thunderous laughter, the equally thunderous crickets, and the life that happens along the way.  Enjoy!


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